Ostomy Saskatchewan Membership


Membership is open to all persons interested in supporting people living with an ostomy and their circles of support.  As a member supporter you can enjoy the benefits of being part of Ostomy Saskatchewan as well as Ostomy Canada.  You’ll receive newsletters, opportunities for webinars, a magazine and the support of people here and across the country.  

Ostomy Canada uses the word “Supporter” vs “Member”.   It’s easy to join in.  A minimum $25.00 gives you all the benefits of a supporter but more importantly you will be supporting an organization that is the Voice for People Living with an Ostomy in Canada.   If you wish to support the provincial group you would increase the amount from $25.00 to something more. 

The financial contribution a SUPPORTER donates supports many local and national initiatives.  We have the kid’s camp, an education fund, a visitor’s program, educational seminars, and training programs. We have a get togethers regularly.  Updates will be listed in the newsletter and/or on the website. (www.ostomysaskatchewan.ca)

ONLINE OR CHEQUE – Income tax receipts will be issued.

Cheque:  Make your cheque out to Ostomy Canada Society Inc.   On the notation space at bottom of cheque write Saskatchewan.  MAIL TO:  OSTOMY CANADA   5800 Ambler Dr., Suite 210   Mississauga, ON L4W 4J4

Debit/Credit: Go to the DONATE NOW page on the Ostomy Canada website. Fill in the details.  Choose “Saskatchewan” under “Fund Area”.   Mark yourself as a “Supporter”. https://www.ostomycanada.ca/donation/

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