At Ostomy Saskatchewan we do talk about urine and stool, bladders and bowels. We are not embarrassed or ashamed. We just had a body part that did not work because of any number of reasons but we ended up with an ostomy.

What We Do


— Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT  Ostomy Saskatchewan is a mutual support society for the benefit of people who have had or are about to have intestinal or urinary diversion surgery.   We are a part of the Ostomy Canada SocietyOur purpose is:

  • To help people with intestinal and/or urinary diversions to lead full and productive lives and to provide information and emotional support to their families and caregivers.
  • To educate the public about intestinal and urinary diversion surgery.
  • To provide trained visitors to those who have undergone intestinal and/or urinary diversions, including preoperative and postoperative visits or phone calls, at the request of the physician or NSWOC (enterostomal therapist).

— Meetings

MEETINGS:  Meetings and gatherings are held at the hall at Community of Christ Church on Arthur and 8th. We generally have a get-together every other month, with no meetings in January, July and August. Updates will be listed in the newsletter and/or on the website: ( There will be a combination of Zoom or face-to-face or a hybrid combination of both. We look forward to meeting you.


— Map of Meeting Location


— We Send Kids to Ostomy Canada Youth Camp

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A unique and exciting opportunity for young people, between the ages of 9 and 18, with an ostomy or related special needs


— We Provide Visitation to New Patients

We have a peer-to-peer visitor program that can be requested by a doctor, patient, or Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (NSWOC) before or after surgery. It’s great to have someone who’s in a similar situation to talk with and ask questions.


— We Participate in the Annual Step Up For Ostomy Awareness & Fundraiser Event

Step Up For Ostomy 2024

Every year, people in Canada come together for the Step Up For Ostomy event. We endeavour to raise awareness and also funds for all the programs that Ostomy Canada and the support groups provide.  This year we’ll be gathering on October 5th!   Join us.  

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